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Dog Ear Audio is located at 9,000 ft. elevation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
I live on 35 acres in an energy efficient home.
Halley, who loves to go hiking!
I have worked in the solar industry for 20 years.  Solar Power operates my home as well as the recording and editing systems.
The Neighbors
Dog Ear Audio began as an off-shoot of a video production company.  In the need for good voice over work, a state -of-the-art sound studio was created to enhance the quality of the videos being produced.  An interest in audio books and an awareness of local talent trying to get a book recorded, sparked the inspiration to use the sound studio for more that just video work.
Dog Ear Audio is committed to bringing you the finest in lesbian literature in a format that can be utilized in our busy lives.  Only human voices are employed in the creation of these audio books.
Fascinating stories of lesbian lives as they are, and maybe as we imagine they can be, from talented writers, are begging to be told to a world ‘plugged in’ for the first time in history.   iPods, MP3 players and the stories they can carry, are the perfect companions to long commutes, jogs in the city, or a relaxing time at home.
lesbian audio books