What listeners are saying!  “Very high quality product and Cliffi does an amazing job with the reading and various character voices.  Brilliant!”       J.H. Dog Ear Audio Books Audio Books Written & Read For Lesbians H o m e H o m e P r o d u c t s P r o d u c t s A u t h o r s A u t h o r s V i d e o s V i d e o s L i b r a r i e s L i b r a r i e s L i n k s L i n k s F A Q F A Q A b o u t   A b o u t C o n t a c t   C o n t a c t Cliffi runs THE FUN INSTITUTE, a school of improv and performance with her partner in Santa Cruz, CA.  When she’s not teaching or performing, she’s writing, gardening and twisting herself into weird yoga positions.   Get to know more about Cliffi and what makes her so darn loveable and entertaining by watching the video clips of her interview from the Dog Ear Audio Studio in Colorado. “The Middle of Somewhere” By Clifford Henderson The multi-talented, award winning author, Clifford Henderson delivers the story of Eadie T.  Pratt’s adventure through the Texas panhandle with passion and humor! Unabridged  8 disc set, 9 hours
Eadie T. Pratt sets out on a road trip in search of a new life and ends up in the middle of somewhere she never expected.  Start with one independent, urban lesbian who cashes out her life in San Francisco for a secondhand travel trailer and sets off to the Michigan Womyn’s Festival.  Add to this a broken down ‘66 T-bird, a bunch of small-town Texas Baptists, a ton of fried food and a hot love interest and a dash of greed, and  what you get is Eadie T. Pratt’s road trip gone awry.
Crash shows up
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Heifer gets a haircut
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