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Starting from Scratch
Georgia Beers is a Lambda and Goldie award- winning author.  She brings to you, her seventh novel, Starting from Scratch, a story where learning, laughing, loving, and baked goods are just a few of life’s basic ingredients.  Find out more about Georgia on her website,
My name is Avery King and I’m probably a lot like you.  I’m  a 34- years old single lesbian and my heart belongs to my rescued mutt, Steve.  I work as a graphic designer and my life is quiet and comfortable.  I have a handful of very close friends who mean the world to me, and my beloved Grandma King is my only family.  Her apartment is a hop, skip , and a jump from my place and we spend a lot of time together baking and drinking tea and talking about life.  All in all, I’m a pretty regular girl and for the most part, I lead a pretty regular life. Things I look forward to:  baking goodies and then sharing them;  spending time with my grandmother; reading anything I can get my hands on; enjoying dinner with my friends; a quiet evening and a glass of wine; hiking new trails and exploring nature with Steve. Things I’d like to avoid at all costs:  in-depth discussions with my ex; dealing with children; online dating; babysitting; falling for somebody’s mom; taking my perceptions of myself all the way back to square one. See that list of things I’d like to avoid?  Yeah, guess who’s going to hit every single one of them this year.....
Georgia in the sound booth
By Georgia Beers
Unabridged  6 disc set,  Approx. 7 hrs
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