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Unabridged  7 disc set,  Approx. 8 hrs
“Breaking the Ice”
Kim Baldwin Author & Narrator
Kim Baldwin’s writing has won multiple accolades from both mainstream reviewers and GLBT organizations.  From her home in the northern woods of Michigan, she crafts stories that reflect her experience as a journalist, and as a passionate traveler of the world.  Alaska is just one of the places she has sought and found adventure.  A love of photography has resulted in images she captured being used as the cover for Breaking the Ice Kim’s former experience as a member of a traveling troupe of actors was called upon to produce wonderfully distinct voices for her family of characters.
Written and narrated by the author, Kim Baldwin, Breaking the Ice is approximately 8 hours of listening adventure where we meet Bryson Faulkner, an Alaskan bush pilot, who crosses paths with Karla Edwards.  Karla has left her Atlanta home looking for a sister she never knew she had, until a letter discovered after her motherís death, sends her on a journey to the far north.  Both women discover answers and adventures in their meeting among the mountains of Alaska.
Independent Publisher Silver Medalist
Kim in the Recording Booth
Fact into Fiction
Behind the Scenes
Kim talks about “Breaking the Ice.”
Bryson & Karla land at the cabin
Karla in the skiff on the river
Bryson & Karla arrive at “The Den” in Bettles, Alaska.
Kim also used her vocal talents to narrate Rose Beecham’s novel Grave Silence.  You can learn more about the book and listen to audio samples here.
Photo Xenia Alexiou
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