H o m e H o m e P r o d u c t s P r o d u c t s A u t h o r s A u t h o r s V i d e o s V i d e o s L i b r a r i e s L i b r a r i e s L i n k s L i n k s F A Q F A Q A b o u t   A b o u t C o n t a c t   C o n t a c t L i b r a r i e s Library Information Introduce lesbian authors to your local library Libraries:  I encourage everyone to visit their local library and ask them to add these audio books to their collection. Libraries love diversity and answering the needs of their community.   The titles can be ordered directly through this site or through Midwest Tapes, a library distribution service.  The ISBN numbers necessary for placing orders are:  ISBN # 978-1-935061-16-8  for When Women Were Warriors - Book 1 ISBN # 978-1-935061-21-2  for Starting from Scratch ISBN # 978-1-935061-19-9  for Grave Silence ISBN # 978-1-935061-13-7  for Hit by a Farm ISBN # 978-1-935061-24-3  for Breaking the Ice ISBN # 978-1-935061-10-6  for A Pirate’s Heart ISBN # 978-1-935061-09-0  for Cooper’s Deale ISBN # 978-1-935061-04-5  for The Middle of Somewhere ISBN # 978-1-935061-06-9  for Gift of Time  You are welcome to print this page and take it to your local library.  A person discovering the magic of   these stories for the first time will thank you!
lesbian audio books