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Catherine Friend Author, Narrator & Farmer
Catherine Friend was happy being an author and writing instructor.  She always wore clean clothes.  She never had anything disagreeable stuck to the bottom of her shoes.  That all changed the day she agreed to help her partner Melissa fulfill Melissa’s lifelong ambition to farm in Minnesota.  Catherine and Melissa embark on a rural odyssey filled with sheep, goats, chickens, llamas, and a host of other natural disasters.  As it turns out, farming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Hit by a Farm is a coming-of-(middle)-age story of a woman trying to close the divide between who she wants to be and who she really is.  After helping Melissa realize her dream, Catherine eventually finds a way to recapture her own in this unforgettable crash course in living off-and living with-the land.
“A sweet and funny book in the classic ‘Hardy Girls Go Farming’ genre, elegantly told, from the first two pages, which are particularly riveting for the male reader, through the astonishing revelation that chickens have belly-buttons and on to the end, which comes much too soon.  It has dogs, sheep, a pickup truck, women’s underwear, electric fences, the works.”                                  GARRISON KEILLOR
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Hit by a Farm
Written & Narrated by Catherine Friend
Unabridged  6 disc set,  Approx  7 hrs
Listen to “Hit by a Farm”
The download version of this audio book will be available April 2012.
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